Multiplayer Fighting Madness

DATE: 2003-05-29 22:18:41

When we previewed One Must Fall: Battlegrounds, there was still plenty of work to be put into the logistics, physics, and game play factors of the game. Since that time, Diversions Entertainment has worked diligently to correct its errors, introduce new features and game play aspects, and fine tune the system's appearance and presentation. The self-proclaimed first ever 3D online multiplayer fighting game is causing a great deal of hype here at E3 and across the multiplayer gaming community.

Allowing up to 16 players to match up in LAN or Internet fights, One Must Fall: Battlegrounds takes advantage of the Multiplayer features that other fighting games simply do not support. Imagine an immersion of opponents, both AI and human, running, attacking, fighting, and annihilating each other through hand to hand Mech combat. One Must Fall: Battlegrounds delivers this and more with the inclusion of varying multiplayer modes, from team based environments to all out death matches. The graphics have definitely been stepped up from when we last saw the game, with beautiful super move effects and unbelievable movement and fluidity across the board.

With a cast of fifty pilots and an unbelievable supply of robots to choose from, the experience in One Must Fall: Battlegrounds is entirely customizable to each player's wants and needs. In fact, One Must Fall: Battlegrounds will allow modification from outside of the game, so players could build their own custom skins and levels. Dynamic soundtracks and an immersive single player mode rounds out the mouth-watering features that One Must Fall: Battlegrounds delivers in its package. Keep an eye out for more exiting progress as One Must Fall: Battlegrounds comes closer to its anticipated late summer release.

==Boy aka Kyle Prestenback
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