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Mutant League Rugby

DATE: -0/5-/2004
COMPANY: Strategy First
PRODUCT: Chaos League

Okay, the title was a cheap trick, but now that I?ve got all you Mutant League fans? attentions, listen carefully. Chaos League is the closest thing you?re going to get to the next Mutant League game, and it?s looking good enough to hold up to the expectations. The concept is just what the name of this article implies; a game like rugby or football with intense fantasy action.

Chaos League may look like a Mutant League title, but it plays more like a strategy game. Think of rugby where the play is almost non stop. Now picture giving orders to your players and having them fight the other team on the field all while trying to get the ball to the end zone. The game can be played either in real time or turn based (basically the game pauses for a couple of seconds while you issue orders and then picks up again), but the real time aspect works so well that the turn based portion is just a side note.

As a coach of a team in this chaotic league, you will have the task of managing a team of creatures. This includes hiring, selling, and trading players, training players, and fleshing out your strategy so you can compete for the ultimate trophy. That?s the conventional side. The darker side of the game will have you doping up your layers, bribing refs, and taking part in other pre-match hooliganism.

The team aspect of Chaos League takes a page out of Blood Bowl?s book. You can choose from 10 different races, including goblins, elves, humans, and dwarves, and then build the skills of your star players. Players can be bought, sold, or killed on the field in horrific acts of violence. This is where the role playing aspect of this real time strategy-sports game comes into play. Not only will your players gain experience, level up, and possibly die, but your team as a whole will grow over time, gain new abilities, and generally kick more ass.

These abilities will depend on the team?s race and also your star players, and they will include magical feats that can hinder your foe or directly help you out. This aspect adds a whole new aspect to the game, as the tide can turn in an instant and usually happens at the very last moment. In the preview I got of the game I saw an opposing player about to score a touchdown, only to be struck by a bolt of lightning a foot in front of the end zone, effectively making him drop the ball and taking him out of the action for an indefinite amount of time.

Chaos League is looking to be a unique game that combines some of the best aspects from multiple genres. This title should appeal to three different genres of gamers, as well as capture the rapt attention of Blood Bowl and Mutant League fans. Look for its launch this fall, as well as more information on it from us.

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