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Prancing Skunks And Wolves With Bazookas

DATE: -0/5-/2004

Cenega is a Prague based publisher fairly new to the video game scene. I didn't know what to expect, but some of the games I played looked like that had some really good potential.

The one I had the most fun with was Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars. It's kind of hard to say what kind of game it was; it seems pretty darn unique. The best way I can put it is that it's a turn-based platforming/action game. You're on a tiny planetoid battlefield trying to kill all the opponent animals with your animals. You'll run, jump, and shoot, but in turn-based gameplay. The game also looks like it's going to be pretty funny. With "genius" monkeys, screaming goats, and prancing skunks, it's clear that this is a game geared towards a "wide" (younger) audience. While they can shoot shotguns and bazookas, the animals don't die bloody deaths. Rather, they explode in a colorful streamers and sparkles. Expect Creature Conflict on September 17th.

Radically different from the humor of prancing farm animals, we have The Roots, an interesting looking RPG. As far as setting, story, and graphics go, The Roots seems pretty standard, for a console RPG. However, it's not a console RPG, it's a PC RPG. Whether this ultimately works for or against it only time will tell. All good "console style" RPG's need an interesting battle system, and it looks like The Roots may end up having a damn good one. At it's basic level it seems like a pretty standard menu driven system of attack: defend, magic, etc; however movement on the field is a primary factor. It also sports an intriguing retreat ring that allows you to chose where you will run after you finish your attack. The Roots will take hold on September 3rd.

Another RPG offering up Cenega's sleeve is Gooka: The Mystery Of Janatris coming out in June and a third-person action game called Shade: Wrath Of Angels. Shade wasn't particularly interesting and seemed like a rather stale and typical third-person action game. This it probably due to the fact that it's still in the early stages since it has the furthest release date of the lot, October 1st. Hopefully they'll figure out a few twists to put in it by then to make it more interesting.

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