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Alien(ware) Technology Accelerates Video For Gaming

DATE: -0/5-/2004
COMPANY: Alienware
PRODUCT: Video Array

Alienware has a new technology (patent pending) that they are calling the 'Video Array'. This technology uses PCI Express slots and two graphics cards to 'share' the graphical processing load of high-intensity games - all without modifying any drivers!

This is accomplished by splitting the screen into two parts, and letting each video card render their own part and then combine the images to form a seamless output. Additionally, to further optimize output, performance statistics are taken between each frame and the workload is divided up to minimize total rendering time. The frame may be distributed at different percentages, based on localized complexity within the frame.

Alienware will be using their ALX higher-end models to showcase this innovative feature. ALX systems will be available around June, while the Video Array feature will be available around September.

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