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DreamCatcher And The Adventure Company Release Lineup

DATE: -0/5-/2004
COMPANY: DreamCatcher/Adventure Company

DreamCatcher Games showed off four new games at E3 this year. They included a real-time strategy called Besieger, Dungeon Lords (a third person action game), a military strategy game called SuperPower 2 and Cold War, a stealth action/adventure game.

Besieger follows your basic real-time-strategy model taking place in medieval times. This game allows you to deploy troops, gather resources and build your city. Or you can be more aggressive and take out the opposing forces before they come after you.

The other strategy game on display was SuperPower 2. This game puts you in space looking at the Earth one hemisphere at a time. The game has three different modes that you can toggle between and view your stats for at any time. These stats include your country?s military strength, economic standings and your personal political standings. This is a large game and can also be seen as a simulation, because every choice you make alters the balance of the worlds.

Dungeon Lords is made of the in-depth story of RPG?s and the controls scheme from first person shooters. Your character will be very customizable and the large areas will keep you from getting bored and seeing the same areas over and over again.

DreamCatcher also showed off Cold War, a game where you play a freelance photographer who is uncovering a plot against his government. This stealth game is extremely open-ended and will allow you to solve each puzzle multiple ways. One of the gimmicks of this game is the use of X-Ray goggles that allow you to see through walls and obstacles in order to catch a glimpse of who is in a room or how alert the guards are.

For example, if you use the glasses to see a guard (ok, his skeleton) waiting in a room, you can set a mine next to his door and knock on it. Or you may be able to find an alternate route into the room and snipe him.

The Adventure Company also had several games on display. Aura: Fate of the Ages is along the same vein as the Myst series with beautifully pre-rendered graphics that represent five large and immersive worlds. This game puts you in the shoes of an apprentice who is trying to find four magical rings before an evil disciple finds them.

Atlantis: Evolution puts you in the shoes of an adventurer and photographer from 1904. He gets caught up in a storyline that sends him to the heart of the lost continent and he must find a way out. Curtis Hewitt, the main character, will be stuck in a land that is a mixture of technology and religion. As Hewitt looks for a way out, he realizes he must help the lost people over throw their Atlantian Gods.

The third game on TAC?s side of the booth is called Dark Fall: Lights Out. This game seems to be your standard point-and-click adventure full of puzzles and highly detailed scenery.

The last game in The Adventure Company?s lineup is Missing, where you will have to use your cunning and the Internet in order to catch a murderer. This game will contact you via your e-mail address and send you clues concerning the location of information in the game. Once you receive the letter, you can use the Internet to decipher it and find the answer you are looking for. This game utilizes live action video and many locations (both real and fictional).

Stay tuned as we'll be bringing you full reviews as each product releases.

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