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Kutoka Continues Its Educational Line With New Games

DATE: -0/5-/2004
PRODUCT: Didi And Ditto

Kutoka has brought many games to the edutainment genre. Their two main lines include the popular Mia the Mouse and the beavers, Didi and Ditto.

The latest game in the Didi and Ditto line is Didi and Ditto Kindergarten. This game draws from the Mia style with engaging characters and constant learning. The claymation-style graphics gives the game a happy and warm feeling to help entice kids to play the game.

This line lets you play as either Didi (the girl) or Ditto (the boy) beaver, to help make the game more personal to the player. The story starts with the beavers carelessly running through the forest and one of them being caught by the purple wolf, Zolt. Don?t worry; the lost beaver is safe since Zolt is a vegetarian wolf, and all he wants are fruits and vegetables in exchange for the little beaver.

The remaining character must solve logic puzzles, go through color games, and practice basic math and counting in order to gather some of the wolf?s food.

This game is a good addition to the Kutoka family, and will help to reinforce the learning that goes on in the classrooms everyday.

We'll have a full review coming soon!

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