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CMY Multimedia Helps Make Learning Fun

DATE: -0/5-/2004
COMPANY: CMY Multimedia

CMY Multimedia is a Spanish company that takes an educational approach to gaming. Their lines include Aymun, Gartu, the Ghosts? Central and Abby. All of these lines are educational graphic adventures that help the younger gamers learn what they need.

Aymun is a fun character who has a friend named Justino. In the first game, Aymun to the Rescue!, three young villagers have been kidnapped and it is up to Aymun to find them. The second game in the series is Aymun and the Mechon Pirates. Aymun?s villiage has been robbed; someone has stolen the sacred stone. Aymun boards a pirate ship in order to find the lost object. Aymun and the Great Race has Aymun getting ready for a race across the kingdom, but a dastardly bad guy is trying to cheat and win the race himself.

The Gartu series is similar to the Jump Start line. There is a different game for each grade. This line teaches math, language arts, sciences and social studies. They are designed to reinforce the learning experience that the children get in school.

Abby is a superhero girl who was changed when a meteor hit her house. Now she helps save the world. Abby: Gordonne?s Secret has the little hero trying to find out what the greedy business man (Gordonne) is up to. Abby: Heroes in Trouble brings Abby back, and this time she and her best friend Paul will be engaged in a tremendous adventure. These games are full of action and puzzles that help to engage children in learning activities.

The Ghosts? Central series follows Marvin and his ghost friend, Poe, as they try to scam people out of money. Poe haunts a house and Marvin claims to get the ghost out for a small sum of money. But it is tougher than it sounds. In Ghosts? Central: Mortimer Guests, their car breaks down and they have to stop and look for a place where they can spend the night. Ghosts? Central: Crazy Trip brings them back and this time they must stop Polifeo from becoming the supreme leader and conquerer of the world. Marvin and Poe will have to overcome a lot of obsticales in order to defy Polifeo, to escape from a ghost mental institution.

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