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Mythic Expansions

DATE: -0/5-/2004
COMPANY: Mythic Entertainment

Mythic Entertainment served up three new titles to showcase at E3. Two new expansions for their flagship title Dark Age of Camelot and a new game called Imperator.

Dark Age of Camelot: New Frontiers is a free expansion set to come out this summer. New Frontiers will expand and revitalize the game's Realm vs. Realm combat. It will introduce new player methods for locating player battles, increases the depth of the combat, and will add new bonuses and abilities. Additionally, it will expand the geography of the frontier areas and add new travel methods for players.

Later this year Mythic will introduce a purchasable expansion entitled Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs. The expansion will enhance character graphics throughout the game, introduce new player classes, and add additional content. Catacombs will also introduce many new instances dungeons based on the underground catacombs theme.

In addition to their Dark Age of Camelot expansions, Mythic also showed a short movie that showcased their new MMORPG, Imperator. Imperator asks the question "What if the Roman empire never fell?". The game's environments looked like science fiction reconstructions of Rome; that is to say, they looked really cool. The game is still early in development so it will probably not see the light of day until 2005.

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