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A Trisynergy Duo

DATE: -0/6-/2004
COMPANY: Trisynergy

Trisynergy?s got two new gems slated for release this year. The first is an interesting mesh of hardcore action and RPG elements created by former members of Core. Dubbed Origin of the Species, this is a shooter that will utilize Nu Generation?s RPG Lite technology, allowing you to ?Play as you want?. It?s gonna have nearly 20 weapons, 8 bosses, and an army of mutants to kill. You?ll also have some, very odd, help in the form of ?Mr. Boo the emotive bear backpack that conveys information about the game world to the player through its movements.? The cause of all his mayhem seems to be yet another government experiment gone horribly wrong. This time apparently, some scientist had the brilliant idea of creating a virus which mutates local insects to create instant infantry. Yeah, that?s bound to go well. With realistic physics and tons of NPC?s, Origin of the Species looks like it will give you an immersive shooter experience in the spirit of games like Deus Ex.

Next we have a ?Mission Based Tactical Shooter? being co-published by Playlogic and Trisynergy called Alpha Black Zero. In this game you play the role of Lieutenant Kyle Hardlaw, who commands the Alpha Black Zero team. Built on the engine used for Serious Sam, Alpha Black Zero boasts the feature of being able to solve missions in any number of different ways. With a ?compelling storyline told in beautiful Full Motion Video?, as opposed to no motion video, Alpha Black Zero sounds like it?s going to be a sci-fi rendition of Rainbow Six.

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