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Welcome To The Matrix

DATE: -0/5-/2004
PRODUCT: The Matrix Online

Welcome to the Matrix. You may be hearing these words sometime before the holidays if you dive into the online world of The Matrix Online. SEGA will be publishing this game while Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment will provide the actual content. Since this is the sister company of the people who made the movies, you can be sure that the story in the game will strongly relate to that in the movies.

The game will let people ?jack? into the Matrix and take an active role in progressing the storyline of the three movies. Whether you liked them or not, the simple idea of bringing that online world into your living room and being able to take part in it is thrilling.

Gameplay will consist of the usual MMORPG elements, clans, social interactions, quests, and leveling up. The Matrix Online will also feature an intricate fighting system called ?wire-fu? and a completely customizable skill and ability system.

It?s not clear yet how much of an effect a single person will be able to have on the world of The Matrix Online, whether you can turn sides and hinder this development, or if you will be able to take part as an agent. From the looks of things though, taking part in this fictional online world based on an online world should be a blast.

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