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Adventure Gaming + The Internet

DATE: -0/5-/2004
COMPANY: The Adventure Company
PRODUCT: Missing

Missing takes the problem solving and puzzles found in your typical adventure game and expands it in a new direction.

Sure there are plenty of gamers out there who use the Internet to get past obstacles in games. Plenty of people comb the net looking for walkthroughs and hints, but the Internet is a must use tool for this game. Missing puts you on the trail of a serial killer who is leaving you clues. But the clues aren't just in the game. You will receive e-mails from characters in the game (as well as the murderer) to help you along your path to stopping the mad killer.

You will visit many locations in the game (both real and fictional) and where you end up all depends on how well you decipher the messages.

Missing also utilizes a lot of live action video instead of CG or animated cut scenes to make the experience all that more real.

Can you use the Internet in the most efficient manner in order to save two lives?

Watch for this game to hit the shelves soon.

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