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Gaming System On The Wall, Who's The Coolest Of Them All?

DATE: -0/5-/2004
PRODUCT: Tek Panel 300

Okay, you know that really cool Phillips flat panel TV commercial? The one where they try to find the best place for their new flat panel TV and, in the end, hang it on the wall in a small hallway, transforming a hallway into an entertainment room?

Well, that's what I thought I was looking at when I walked up to Hy-Tek's Tek Panel 300- a flat panel television. What I was, in fact, looking at, was a high-powered gaming system that was contained within the same case as the large flat panel monitor. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen the DVD-ROM Drive mounted in the side of the case! Used in conjunction with a wireless keyboard and mouse, Hy-Tek's Tek Panel systems provide a fully upgradeable high powered gaming PC that stealthily doubles as a high definition flat panel television.

So, you're probably thinking that these are pretty cool, but probably delicate. Wouldn't bet on it. Hy-Tek originally designed these systems for the military. These puppies actually survived a test where one was thrown overhead - aftwerwards, the monitor had moved a half inch, but the system powered up.

These systems are not cheap, costing between $5k and $10k, depending on size and options. However, these systems are beautiful, have an excellent viewability and are the perfect PC for the avid gamer / entertainment aficionado that has to have the very best.

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