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Bustin Caps(Locks) And Scrollin' With My Miz-ouse

DATE: -0/5-/2004
COMPANY: MonsterGecko
PRODUCT: PistolMouse FPS

Tired of commonplace mice that are merely frontin'? Looking for a gaming mouse that you can roll with in your favorite FPS games while still being able to flex? Looking for a gaming miz-ouse that's fit for a gangsta? Look no further. Introducing the mouse that plays like a 'gat'.

The PistolMouse FPS from MonsterGecko brings a primary and secondary grip trigger, plus an ambidextrous selectable thumb scroll wheel for both right and left handed players. The PistolMouse FPS design gives playas instant activation of four separate controls without changing your grip. The unique patent-pending base design of the PistolMouse FPS incorporates an offset optical sensor for quick response with simple wrist action.

I didn't get a chance to mack one of these at E3, but check back for the 411 when we get one in for a test-drive(-by).

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