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Everyone Will Be Joining These Operations

DATE: -0/6-/2004
COMPANY: NovaLogic
PRODUCT: Joint Operations

Joint Operations will take place sometime in the near future, and will allow players to join either the special forces of the US or one if its allies, or defend the drug trafficking dreams of rugged Indonesian rebels. Either way, players will experience huge, open levels full of dense foliage, mountains, and underground tunnels. They will be able to explore these locales either on foot, in vehicles, or from the air. Developer NovaLogic is utilizing its skills from their earlier titles like Comanche and Delta Force, and combing the essence of the two games into one giant, online death match.

Joint Operations isn?t just another Battlefield though. Sure, all the flash necessary in a ?clone? of a game is there; huge maps, great graphics, and excellent control. But NovaLogic has gone beyond this with the sheer scope of the gameplay. As the battle progresses, mother nature continues unhindered around you, meaning that day and night play key factors in each mission. Many missions span multiple in-game days, which last a couple of hours per day, and it is very common for one side to plan an attack and wait for night to unleash it.

Of course, there will be vehicles to carry your troops into and out of danger. ATV?s, Humvees, hovercraft, and plenty of helicopters will be available throughout the multiplayer experience. Each will allow other players to hop on board for a ride, some manning guns, others just sticking their weapon out a window to provide support fire. These vehicles won?t require any type of certification to use, so newbies can jump into the pilot seat of a Chinook and use the standard FPS controls to fly around.

NovaLogic hasn?t nailed down exactly how many character classes, or exactly what character classes, there will be yet, but you can be sure that the standards will be included; medic, all manner of infantry, and special forces for going it alone. From the looks of things it seems the developers are on the right track with Joint Operations. The project is massive in scope, and the early look we got is already a testament to that task. Check back here in the near future for more information about Joint Ops, which is scheduled to launch sometime this summer.

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