POWs On Your PC

DATE: 2002-06-02 23:58:47

Coming Stateside this September (2002) is Codemasters' World War II game, Prisoner of War. POW puts you into the body and mind of Captain Lewis Stone, who is caught by German Soldiers and kept in a POW camp.

Set in 1941, POW will implement superior AI, bringing inmates and guards to life. You will be able to interact with all characters, as well as use your cunning wit to perform your escape. To do so, you will have to crawl through muddy tunnels and over stone walls, as well as use "borrowed" German tools and disguises.

POW will be set in three historically realistic camps, including the infamous (and supposedly inescapable) Colditz Castle. Prisoner of War promises to deliver a highly immersive gameplay tactic, where stealth seems to be the most important attribute in the perfect escape.

Also available for Xbox (June 2002).

Woody aka Shane Wodele
"...know, I really don't. I have no idea how they got there in the first place. The thing is, they weren't right. -They just weren't 'right', you know - l#ke from ##i# pla##t or su#pin'... They was way too quick and they looked like they were out of one a those 'Terminator' movies or sumpin' only with cameras and sh*t insteada guns... They moved real silent and then 'zshwishzz' - they was gone. Just like that..."
- H##ry ###ler, LACC Facility Services