Crusaders Are King

DATE: 2002-06-03 21:12:24

This sequel to the best-selling Stronghold PC game, Stronghold: Crusader, combines the best aspects of a City-Builder with those of an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game. In Crusader, you'll be able to relive heroic battles in four distinct campaigns. The key to success will be a balance of tactically building your empire and strategically mastering the art of medieval combat.

Along with the impressive list of weaponry present, Stronghold: Crusader will also shine with its special features. You can now use the Scenario Editor to create your own masterpiece of a game, and challenge your friends with your custom scenarios. And speaking of friends, you will also be able to use either a LAN or the Internet to battle up to 8 human or computer-controlled lords in the Skirmish Mode. Take 2 Software's Stronghold: Crusader is due to hit store shelves this Summer (2002).

Woody aka Shane Wodele
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