...To Forgive, Divine

DATE: 2002-06-05 11:48:33

Scheduled for a September 2002 release, CDV's Divine Divinity puts you into the middle of Rivellon, a mystic world full of magic and mythos. With 6 playable characters, you can choose the way of the Warrior, the Survivor, or the Wizard in this fantasy RPG.

Divine Divinity consists of four maps with over 20,000 screens. Your characters will have fully customizable appearances, and be able to learn up to 96 skills in the game's unique character development system. To top it off, Divine Divinity will host over 100 beasts and monsters, as well as more than 150 non-player characters.

Woody aka Shane Wodele
"Ranging in price from as low as $49.oo for a Bass Amplification system to around $199.oo for a complete surround setup, 'Altec Lansing is providing"
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