When The Stiffness Sets In...

DATE: 2002-06-05 11:49:59

Set in Paris in the 1920's, Post Mortem takes place in a time frame between the two World Wars, in a time where old beliefs of magic and the occult are pushed wayward by the coming of science. On the frontier of magic and reality, the story begins when a mysterious and sensuous woman enters the picture. She hires an American detective, Gus Macpherson, to find out who murdered her sister and brother-in-law because the local police are not handling the case properly.

The developers of Post Mortem wanted to be historically accurate, while still keeping the imagination of the player in mind. The main feature of Post Mortem is in way of the natural dialog engine. It is here where the player's actions directly affect the actions and responses of others. In fact, it is possible to encounter somebody who refuses to talk, and you will have to figure a way out of the situation.

Microids' Post Mortem has a TBA release date set in 2002.

Woody aka Shane Wodele
"...no, I haven't picked anything up on the video surveillance tapes. I've been over every one at least twice - some three times. There's some sort of unidentifiable blurring in a couple of the tapes, but no sign of a 'elite team' to be found. I think all that cr*p about a 'Game Vortex' and some 'Team PS2' is some punk kids on our radio frequency. If you ask me, we oughtta..."
- Je#| Ro#r!##ez, LACC Security