Creating Your Own World

DATE: 2002-06-15 00:37:13

Classic D&D role-playing utilizing its 3rd Edition rule set hits your PC in Infogrames' Neverwinter Nights. Your quest is to uncover a sinister conspiracy in the town of Neverwinter, and there will be no shortage of gameplay. Your epic adventure will boast a remarkable 60-hours of single-player action.

Of course, equally remarkable is the revolutionary Neverwinter Aurora Toolset. Believe it or not, you can now control your own destiny as you to fully create your own adventure. Neverwinter Nights also allows you to invite up to 64 friends to join your world while you act as Dungeon Master, managing the plot and characters in real-time.

Neverwinter Nights is scheduled for a June 18, 2002 release date.

Woody aka Shane Wodele
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