The Savages In Kentia

DATE: 2002-06-18 16:42:54


It is a word that can be a powerful weapon in any industry, particularly the gaming industry. But, like most weapons, it is also one that is wielded like a rapier in the hands of a stable boy. It is clumsily swung around with its wielder knowing its true power, yet having little knowledge of its meaning. Over the years, this has caused the word to become dull - reducing the meaning, yet keeping the power.

Despite grand promises of innovation in games, how many have delievered? Despite what gamers are told, innovation is not merely giving the player new costumes or differnt attacks, it is looking at a game in a whole new light - infusing it with something original and new. This is what initially drew me to Savage.

In primal times, eons from now, humans are forced to live a nomadic life. As the humans' greed and selfishness causes them to fight amongst themselves for dominance, nature begins to suffer. Learing from the mistakes of mankind, nature's creatures begin to evolve and become more powerful with each passing day. In short time the two factions engage in battle, locked in mortal combat - steel and claw - in order to gain control of the land.

By far, Savage was one of the coolest and most impressive games I saw at E3. In an industry that is eager to release the next Mario or Grand Theft Auto clone, Savage was a breath of fresh air. Built on the 'Silverback' development engine, it is a multiplayer game (supporting up to 64 players) which allows gamers to take on the role as either a commander or warrior. While playing as the commander, players will engage in an in-depth RTS, researching new technologies and commanding troops to defend your way of life. However, instead of sending AI warriors into battle, each warrior will be controlled by a human player. At first, it may sound like an odd marriage of genres, but once seen in action, you being to wonder why no one has done this before.

In my opinion,Savage looks like it could have what it takes to bring the online gaming market into a whole new era. This is definitely one to keep your eyes on.

Starscream aka Ricky Tucker
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