E3 2005: Level Up
SNK Gets Nostalgic
Product: SNK Roundup
Company: SNK Playmore
Date: 05/20/2005
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SNK is going back to its roots this year with the launch of 8 different renditions of their older classics. The Metal Slug, King of Fighters, and Samurai Showdown series will all be making appearances on consoles later this year.

Metal Slug 4/5, the over-the-top military side-scroller that has eaten many children?s quarters in the arcade, is coming to the Xbox and PS2. Once again, players will take the fight to the enemy via land, sea, and air-based weapons. The huge bosses and crazy power-ups will also be present in this console version. The two original characters, Marco and Fio, will be playable, as well as two new characters, Trevor and Nadia.

Game Boy Advance players are going to get a real treat with Metal Slug 1. The game that started it all is making an arcade perfect port over to the handheld system. Six complete missions, the original cast of 4 characters, and even the Metal Slug super vehicle will be there in all their arcade glory.

A total of 3 King of Fighters games are making transition to Xbox. KoF Re-bout 94 is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the arcade fighting game that started the craze. 24 classic characters can be used individually or in fighting teams, and the game can be played in its original 2D mode or in an updated high resolution mode.

KoF Maximum Impact is the first ever 3D rendition of the series. This game sports 16 different characters comprised of both new and old faces. 5 different game modes support intense 1 on 1 fighting that takes advantage of the new third dimension that the game has been given.

KoF Neowave is what a modern KoF game should be. 50 different characters can be chosen from to use in 3 on 3 battles. There are also 3 completely different modes of play and tons of special moves, plus a new ?Heat Mode? that can power up your regular attacks.

The redheaded stepchild of the bunch, Samurai Showdown V, is also coming to Xbox. 26 fighters are available, including 11 newcomers to the franchise. This game is an upgraded version of the original arcade release, and it delivers much more action that its older counterpart ever could.

All of these fighting games will be playable on Xbox Live, giving them even more value. There?s no word yet as to whether PS2 owners will ever get a chance to play these classics, but we can always hope.

In addition, SNK was showing video of Metal Slug Evolution, which will be out in 2006 on an as yet unnamed next gen system. Finally, the Metal Slug series goes 3D. Also showing video was Twinklestar Sprites, a cute little Gradius type game that is also undecided as to what system it will be coming out on. This one looks to be very interesting.

Snow Chainz aka Andrew Horwitz

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