E3 2005: Level Up
Hot Wayne-on-Wayne Action
Product: Gretzky 06
Company: 795
Date: 05/29/2005
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Gretzky NHL, which was a rebranding of 989?s NHL Faceoff series, hit last year with moderate success on both the PS2 and PSP. The series makes its return this year in both formats, sporting a new look, new interface and new modes.

The newest mode in Gretzky 06 is called ?Wayne vs. Wayne? mode. The mode plays like a basic game of hockey, with one key difference called ?99 Time? (99 being Gretzky?s jersey number). As you play through a game your actions will add and subtract from your 99 Time score. Scoring, landing hits and other beneficial actions will increase your score while bone-headed moves subtract from it. The goal is to reach the number 99 ? at which point Wayne Gretzky will join your team for a limited time. Not only will you have the services of The Great One, but you?ll also have a 6-to-5 advantage on the ice.

Though Gretzky?s time on the ice is limited, pulling off combos will allow you to extend his time on the ice. Once your time runs out, Gretzky will return to ether and your 99 Time score will reset to 0.

Sounds great, right?

As with all good things, there is a catch ? your opponents, whether AI or player controlled, will also have a 99 score; giving them access to Wayne as well. This is where the ?Wayne vs. Wayne? concept comes into play since it?s possible for both you and your opponent to each have Wayne on the ice at one time in a 6-on-6 situation. Also, if you manage to summon The Great One five times in one game, you?ll unlock an entire team of Great Ones!

Both the PS2 and PSP versions of the game will include ?Wayne vs. Wayne? mode, but will feature a few differences.

The PS2 version will also include a rivals system that will keep track of stats as well as a chemistry system. The longer a certain group of players plays together, the better they will play as a team. Gretzky 06 will also support online play, including downloadable rosters and 64-team tournaments. The PSP mode, it will feature online play through Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure modes, as well as the inclusion of in-game commentary.

Both versions of Gretzky 06 will ship later this year.

Starscream aka Ricky Tucker

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