E3 2005: Level Up
Mythic offers its own Imperial-Republic
Product: Imperator
Company: Mythic Entertainment
Date: 05/26/2005
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Mythic proved their capacity to make hit Massively Multiplayer games a long time ago with Dark Age of Camelot. Now Mythic delivers its next big project, Imperator.

Imperator's premise alone is pretty engaging. The Roman Empire never fell and has spread throughout the galaxy. Several years ago, Mayan rebels unleashed a horrible plague and began to move in on Roman space. You will play as a recently graduated Viratori warrior, the elite of the Roman Special Forces.

Imperator is easily described as a game with an MMORPG core but a third person shooter fa?ade. There will be five classes to choose from: troopers, who act as the front line of defense, gunmen, powerful marksmen who attack from the rear, biomedics, a cleric with both the healing and harming syringe, techs which do technical things, and mystery class #5. Okay, the reason I can?t say much about those last two is because tech wasn?t playable and mystery class #5 is unannounced. Yes, sadly their name isn?t actually mystery class #5.

Surprisingly similar to NCsoft?s Tabula Rasa, warfare and large battlefields will be central to the Imperator play experience. The world at large will be divided into war zones. Before you head out, you will get a large number of missions, complete with waypoints, and you will go out and do your best to accomplish them. As you get higher in level, you will begin to encounter more of the endgame experience in the form of engagement areas. The most complex of them will allow a large set of groups into them, and each will work on their own set of objectives which will eventually culminate and all will come together for one huge final encounter.

The plan is to have 100 levels at launch, though we still have some time to wait till then as launch is still more than a year away.

Alucard aka Stephen Triche

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