E3 2005: Level Up
Legacy Offers Mystery and Emergency
Product: Legacy Interactive Lineup
Company: Legacy Interactive
Date: 05/20/2005
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With the success of their Law & Order series of adventure games, Legacy Interactive is moving forward with a new game based on the Law & Order series, which is currently slated for a late September release on the PC. Taking a new spin on the previous games, Law & Order: Criminal Intent is a third person adventure game, very much in the vein of classic adventure titles. Think of either of the second two Gabriel Knight games, and you have a pretty good idea how Law & Order: Criminal Intent plays. It?s a classic point and click style of adventure gaming, though it includes enough adult themes, real environments, and deep gameplay to keep it fresh and interesting.

Of course, the game has its own unique spin on that classic style of gameplay. Playing as the series? main character, Detective Robert Goren, you must solve cases using your knowledge of human psychology. For example, when you?re talking to a witness or suspect, instead of just being able to choose from a list of things to say, you can also choose how you say it. Some options include: aggressive, deceptive, straightforward, and empathetic. You must also consistently be profiling the people involved in a case, as you try and narrow down your suspects.

There are three levels of difficulty, and you can change your setting on the fly. The higher your difficulty setting, the less ?thoughts? Detective Goren will have, leading you forward, and the easier it will be to alienate witnesses into not talking to you anymore. It?s been too long since I enjoyed an old fashioned mystery adventure game, and I can?t wait to see the finished product.

The other major game Legacy had to show was ER, and apparently the game has already gone gold. It will hit store shelves in early June. I didn?t see much that would expand on the preview I did just a few scant days ago. The only additional things to mention would be that the game will feature ?episodes?, which are similar to levels. Each episode will have an overall story arc and one example is when a fire starts during a local sci-fi convention and the ER is filled with people in various costumes. While I doubt the entire game will be so light-hearted, it is good to see that there is some humor to be found in the game.

While these were the only two games I was able to play, they were not the only items up Legacy?s sleeve. They will also be releasing a line of games based on The Apprentice. Also, as a follow up to their game Zoo Vet they are creating a new title called Horse Vet. Yes, that?s right, Horse Vet. We?ll just have to wait and see on that one.

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