E3 2005: Level Up
Parkan II
Product: Parkan II
Company: 1C Company
Date: 05/19/2005
Avaliable On:

Parkan II is an open ended space sim that combines spaceship combat and first person action. The structure of the game is most akin to Privateer, where you get to chose your avatar?s destiny; whether you want to be good or bad, follow the main story line, become rich in the interstellar trade market, or just kill everything you see.

Parkan II contains a vast universe of 10 galaxies with 30 planets in each of them. Every planet can be visited in either orbit or on the ground. Though the main focus of the game is on space, planets can be fought for by landing on them and directly assaulting the planetary defenses. This all takes place in first person, as do boarding actions. Not only can you board and capture other ships, but you will be forced to defend your own ship, fighting in the very halls you call your home.

The game is vast in terms of space and opportunity. There is a huge main story line that you can chose to follow if you wish, but there are also plenty of side quests and places to explore that are bound to attract your attention away from the main plot for many hours.

Privateer fans will have much reason to rejoice when this game comes out in Q3 of this year. Parkan II is also a game that is sure to be easily accessible by novice space cadets who have always wanted to have their way in the expanses of the interstellar medium.

Snow Chainz aka Andrew Horwitz

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