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Tony Tough Gets a New Look
Product: Tony Tough 2
Company: dtp Entertainment
Date: 05/25/2005
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That Inspector Clouseau-like private investigator, Tony Tough, is back in a brand new adventure. Well, actually it is an old one (as far as Tony is concerned). Tony Tough 2: A Rake's Progress is a prequel to Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths. This humorus adventure follows the 10 year old on his first case, a missing person. To be more specific, it's an abduction. It turns out Tony grew up in Roswell, New Mexico and the events of A Rake's Progress takes place in 1953, just a few years after the "alien crash".

The first Tony Tough game was your standard 2D cartoony point-and-click adventure like Sam & Max Hit the Road or Day of the Tentacle typical to the mid 90's; unfortunately Tony Tough came out in 2002. Though it wasn't graphically on par with many of the adventure games of its time -- Night of the Roasted Moths was still a hit. In A Rake's Progress, gamers will be treated with the same amusing puzzles and witty commentary -- but with a brand new 3D look that makes this prequel an amazing piece of artwork.

Tony Tough 2 features 80 locations with more than 100 screens and supports a beautiful 1024x768 screen-resolution. The art-deco style of the buildings and environments comes out wonderfully in the 30+ hours of problem solving gameplay. As you progress through the game, you will also be dazzled by intricate real-time shadows and lighting effects, as well as real-time weather changes.

Though Tony's dry and black humor is back, there are many things that separate this game from its predecessor. One such difference is how you choose what to say during dialogs. Instead of being given four or five lines of text to choose from (as seen in most adventure games), you get unique and different icons representing a possible line of communication. It was nice to see this simple interface added into the game, because instead of focusing on the actual words that are being said, the icon conveys the idea of what is being said. If you want to talk about the frog, you don't see a line of text saying "Lets talk about my frog", instead you see an icon of a frog as one of your options.

Tony Tough 2: A Rake's Progress is slated for release in the Fall or Winter of 2005.

J.R. Nip aka Chris Meyer

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