Fire Introduces New Blaze Products
Product: Blaze Products
Company: Fire International
Date: 05/15/2006
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Fire International was showing off the latest products in the Blaze range of accessories at E3 this year - including the new PS2/PC Pro Shock Mini Wireless Controller, the PS2 Pro Shock Mini Controller, the PSP Pro Audio Sound System and Protector Case and the PSP Protector Pack.

Both the PS2/PC Pro Shock Mini Wireless Controller and the PS2 Pro Shock Mini Controller have been ergonomically designed to suit gamers of all ages. They have digital and analog modes and include Limited Edition Xploder V5 Mega Cheat software.

The PSP Pro Audio Sound System is a dual purpose speaker system that delivers enhanced sound for games, movies and music, and also serves as a protective case for the PSP. The PSP Protector Pack is a collection of nine 'must have' essentials to protect the PSP, games and UMD movies when on the move. Both of these products include the Xploder Music Studio software.

Designed in the UK by the Blaze Design Team, the new range of products is manufactured to the highest specification, and for the first time incorporates Xploder media and game enhancement software - optimizing the user experience. All products within the Blaze range are presented in the distinctive metal packaging that has become synonymous with the Xploder brand range.

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