A New Monkey Ball Adventure
Product: Super Monkey Ball Adventure
Company: Sega
Date: 05/16/2006
Avaliable On:

Super Monkey Ball Adventure gives players control of that lovable rolling ape AiAi one more time on current generation systems. The game will use 50 new puzzles to convey its in-depth story that not only uses AiAi, but also MeeMee, GonGon and Baby.

The monkey ballers must help a young couple who just happen to be the heirs to opposing kingdoms. The group must help to spread cheer and joy throughout the two lands in order to allow the two lovers to reveal their love to their parents. Only when the two kingdoms can get along together will there be true peace in the land.

Super Monkey Ball features three gameplay modes: Challenge Mode, Story Mode and Party Mode. Party Mode includes games like Monkey Pinball and Monkey Castle. Each game is unlocked by collecting a certain amount of bananas in Story Mode. Monkey Race, Fight, Bowling, and Golf mini-games also return as series' favorites.

Since the game will appear both on the PSP and PS2, players will be able to transfer saves between the two systems; this added level of connectivity will allow players to take on the game in front of their TV, then pick it up and continue the action while away from home.

Not only that, but the PSP version will have several exclusive features including new spells, collectibles and unique puzzles. This new Monkey Ball title is planned for release on all three systems in the Summer of 2006.

J.R. Nip aka Chris Meyer

GameVortex PSIllustrated TeamPS2