Webzen Showcases Korean MMOs
Product: Webzen's E3 Lineup
Company: Webzen
Date: 05/13/2006
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Korean developer Webzen showcased three games this year, Soul of the Ultimate Nation, Huxley, and Project Wiki. Perhaps Iíve become too jaded towards hyper-realistic MMO games, but the game that I found most interesting was the PC game Project Wiki. Sadly it was also the only game that may not have a North American release. So sad. The game is pretty basic and probably geared for younger audiences, but the art style is just so unique it grabbed my attention immediately. The gameís visual style is nearly identical to The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Seriously, itís uncanny.

Which is not to say the other two games, Soul of the Ultimate Nation and Huxley, donít look good. They look pretty damn impressive. Soul of the Ultimate Nation is an action MMORPG for the PC that promises a storyline as deep and engaging as any single player experience. Bold words, Iíve heard them before. I pray they can back them up, because the genre needs more good examples of storytelling.

MMOFPS games have been attempted before, but none have proven really successful. Huxley is Webzenís attempt to break open the genre. They already have one huge advantage. Huxley is the first cross-platform MMOFPS, releasing on both the PC and Xbox 360. Both PC and 360 players will share the same game space and be able to engage in PvP combat against each other; however, each version is slightly different. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic Earth with humankind splintered into three different races, Sapiens, Alternatives, and Hybrids. PC players will play as Sapiens and Alternatives, while 360 players will play as Hybrids. Certainly one of the most unique approaches to MMO development Iíve seen up till now.

Alucard aka Stephen Triche

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