Get Your Mind Into The Game
Product: SMART BrainGames E3 Challenge
Company: Smart BrainGames
Date: 05/09/2006
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How well can you do when you really put your mind to it? Smart BrainGames plans to find out just that with their Smart BrainGames gaming system. To show it off, they will be hosting the SMART BrainGames Challenge at E3.

SMART BrainGames, brain-powered video game peripherals, are making their debut at E3. Experts say this technology could transform the videogame industry. The company is the exclusive licensee of unique technology developed, proven and patented by NASA and originally used for pilot training. Applications exist in areas of Health, Education and Entertainment.

When connected to a SONY PlayStation or Microsoft XBOX, SMART BrainGames allows players to use their brainpower to make hundreds of off-the-shelf videogames much more compelling Ė adding a whole new level of challenge and entertainment. Players report feeling they really are the game character, and that they actually feel they are sitting in the driverís seat of a race car. After experiencing the exhilaration of "BrainPlay," game players say they donít want to go back to regular game play.

"Beyond having profound learning benefits, we discovered that the system was extremely entertaining," said Dr. Domenic Greco, President and CEO. "As game developers explore creative ways to directly incorporate BrainPlay with the next generation of video games and consoles, SMART BrainGames will have a significant impact on the gaming industry. Working directly with NASA, we have created IP in gaming that already surpasses Nintendo's Brain Age in terms of fun and benefit. We have additional IP that will extend the useful life of older games providing a unique interface. Think of it as a real life 'Jedi' Training Academy. We are seeking partnerships with game and platform developers who share our vision of this immersive mind-machine interface."

Now you'll be able to tell your parents (or spouse) that playing videogames is actually good for you! Using popular titles such as Gran Turismo, Need For Speed, and Tony Hawk, the SMART BrainGames system rewards players who are able to focus attention and concentrate quickly, calmly and deeply. The system monitors brain activity continuously during game play using electroencephalogram (EEG) signals. The faster you get focused, and the longer you stay focused, the better your performance. If you feel anxious or lose concentration, performance declines. Players are strongly motivated to learn how to achieve calm focus in order to stay competitive and improve game results. The skills acquired during game play can be used in life and in learning situations and parents and teachers often report dramatic improvements in behavior and ability to follow instructions.

SMART BrainGames is based on Clinical EEG Neurofeedback, the long-established and safe use of EEG signals to accurately measure brainwave activity through sensors that are comfortably placed on the head. The brainwave activity, monitored and fed back to the player using visual and auditory signals, becomes the means of exercising the brain - "a gym for your brain". I'll have more information on this one when I get a chance to check it out first hand on the show floor.

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