Buena Vista Expands Handheld Portfolio
Company: Buena Vista
Date: 05/16/2006
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While Buena Vista Interactive is best known for bringing various Disney properties to gaming systems, the company is also looking to expand itís horizons a bit by offering non-Disney properties as well.

Spectrobes is an original game developed by Jupiter, the company whose previous work includes Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Developed for the DS, the game stars two interplanetary patrol officers, Rallen and Jeena, as they search for creatures known as Spectrobes. Once found, they can be trained and evolved for battle with the Krawl, an evil force vying for control of the galaxy.

In addition to its original properties, Buena Vista will also bring games from Q! Entertainment. The first is Lumines II, the sequel the to popular PSP launch title. Lumines II doesnít change the formula of the original other than offering new background skins and music. Buena Vista will also publish a Disney Edition version of the DS puzzler Meteos as well as Q! Entertainmentís latest game, Every Extend Extra.

As with most puzzle games, the actual mechanics of Every Extend Extra are hard to describe in words. The game has you controlling a detonator as it travels around the screen. The goal is to avoid touching crystals that litter the area, instead waiting for an opportune time to detonate the bomb taking out as many crystals as you can. The catch is that your detonator travels slow and youíre going against a clock. However, bombing certain spheres will let you move quicker, give you more bombs or increase your time limit.

With its expanded portfolio Buena Vista looks like it could have a big impact on the handheld market in the future.

Starscream aka Ricky Tucker

GameVortex PSIllustrated TeamPS2