Not Wii... Wu
Product: Xiaolin Showdown
Company: Konami
Date: 05/20/2006
Avaliable On:

Based on the popular WB Kid’s show, Xiaolin Showdown has you playing as characters from the show in a Powerstone-like brawl for control of the mysterious and powerful Shen Gong Wu.

Players take the role of Omi, a young monk, or any of his three friends as they travel the world in search of ancient artifacts as Shen Gong Wu. But, as anyone who has seen the show can tell you, this isn’t an easy task as they’ll have to contend with boy genius Jack Spicer and his witch sidekick, Wuya.

Fighting takes place in a large arena where characters can duke it out using standard punches and kicks. Characters will also be able to use the powers of any Shen Gong Wu they might be in control of. However, these powers come at a cost of Chi, which players drop when attacked. Some arenas will even include environmental hazards that can help tip the scales in your favor even more.

Visually, Xiaolin Showdown does a great job of capturing the show’s simple art style and transforming it to 3D. Expect bright, colorful graphics, big areas and moves (and powers) taken straight from the show.

So far, Xiaolin Showdown looks like it could be a fun, easy to play brawler for the show’s young fans as well as some of its older ones. Xiaolin Showdown hits the PS2, Xbox, PSP and DS later this year.

Starscream aka Ricky Tucker

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