Konami Keeps It Portable
Product: Konami's Portable E3 Lineup
Company: Konami
Date: 05/21/2006
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Although Konami's booth was about the same size as it always is each year, they had soooo many games packed into it, it was hard to see them all. They had 30+ new game titles to show off, plus a slew of mobile games as well, and the majority were portables for the PSP and DS.

First up was Lunar Knights, an action RPG for the DS from the Kojima team. Some might say this is the spiritual successor to Boktai. You have two playable characters who are on a quest to reclaim their kingdom from vampires. There is a weather system in the game, as well as lunar and solar cycles. One character will be stronger in the daytime, while the other will be stronger at night. Certain areas will only be accessible during either the day or night, so some strategy will be involved in deciding when to access what. It's a behind the back shooter and you'll be attacking with your stylus. Look for it this Winter.

Metal Gear Portable Ops for the PSP is on the way as well and you can read the full run-down here.

Steel Horizon is a strategy naval armada and is set to release on the PSP and DS this Fall. With turn-based and real-time strategy gameplay, this one is sure to thrill fans of WWII as you play the role of an American captain on one of three secret Navy ships battling the Axis powers. You'll position your ships in an almost Battleship way, then you'll get to take part in the action in real-time.

Online Chess Kingdoms hits this Fall for the PSP and takes place in an online persistent world. There are five factions battling it out to rule the Universe and when you leave the game, they continue to battle. Although there are single player experiences in the game, the most fun promises to be when you join up with other groups who can protect your areas while you sleep. Imagine going to school for the day, only to come home and find that you and your group have won all the territories... or worse yet, that you have nothing left. This should be an interesting one.

Next, for all of you classic gamers out there, there's the Gradius Collection for the PSP. This widescreen, old-school shooter gem is set to release in June and includes Gradius I, Gradius II, Gradius III, Gradius IV, and for the first time ever in North America, Gradius Gaiden.

Then there's Rengoku 2, an action game where you take on the role of a battle android. There are over 300+ weapons in the game for you to customize your android. Apparently, the main complaint with the original Rengoku were the crappy random levels that all looked the same, but a crate may have been in a different location. Booooring. Well, this has been done away with and the levels are all redesigned. There are 8 levels, the first seven of which are based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Yikes!

Then there's Bomberman on your PSP! The little guy makes his return with classic, single player action or you can play head-to-head with 4 players in an ad hoc game using only one game. Woohoo!

Xiaolin Showdown is set to release on the DS and PSP (as well as the PS2 and Xbox), and you can read all about it here.

This year is the 25th Anniversary for Frogger, so he's got a slew of games coming out on the DS, PSP, cell phone and the Plug 'n Play PC. They are all variations on the classic Frogger theme, so look for those this Fall.

Castlevania makes another appearance on the DS in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Check out the scoop here.

Coded Arms returns with an all new adventure in Coded Arms Assault for the PS3 and Coded Arms Contagion for the PSP. Set in a futuristic Japanese mech environment, players must use their hacking abilities to eradicate viruses. The environment will be fully destructible and you'll also be able to use vehicles in your quest. Up to 8 players can take part in the multiplayer modes. Both of these are due out some time in 2007.

For you Silent Hill fans out there, Silent Hill Origins emerges. Its an all new Silent Hill storyline, providing even more twisted backstory to that crazy town. This one provides an over the shoulder view and a new barricade system, allowing you to slow down or even stop enemies from coming after you by manipulating things in the environment. Get ready to crap your pants this Winter when it releases.

GoPets for the DS allows players to raise pets and then send them online to interact with other people's pets in a sort of Myspace environment. You can link up with friends and play mini-games and also trade special items. Fans of Nintendogs will probably go for this one. Look for it later on this year.

Death Jr. returns in two all new games. For the PSP, we have Death Jr. and the Root of Evil which boasts an improved camera, more weapons and a new storyline. Death Jr.'s friend Pandora dies and you must look for her spirit. In Death Jr. and the Science Fair of Doom for the DS, during the school science fair, an evil spirit is unleashed and havoc ensues. Help the gang fix things up before DJ's dad find out. These both hit the stands this Fall.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Marvel Trading Card Game for the PSP, DS and the PC. You can battle and trade your favorite Marvel characters' cards. Marvel staff developed the story, so this one is sure to please fans. People playing the PSP and PC games can play with one another and DS users can play wirelessly with one another. This one hits this Fall.

There were also Winx games for the DS, PSP and GBA, and a game called Brooktown High: Senior Year, a dating sim for the PSP, but I didn't get to see those. We'll keep you posted with full reviews as all of these games release.

Psibabe aka Ashley Perkins

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