Razer Sets Its Sights On Your Ears
Product: Razer Barracuda Integrated Audio System
Company: Razer
Date: 05/13/2006
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Razer, maker of high-performance gaming mice which all started with their legendary BoomSlang line which introduced on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, is branching out a bit.

In addition to a very slick looking keyboard that was designed with serious gamers in mind, Razer announced a new sound card and headphones that may be used separately, but were designed to provide the optimal experience when used together.

Together, the sound card and headphones are named the Razer Barracuda Integrated Audio System; separately they are called the Razer Barracuda AC-1 Gaming Sound Card and the Razer HP-1 Gaming Headphones.

The Barracuda AC-1 Gaming Sound Card sports several features to deliver hi-fidelity, positional and immersive audio to gamers, such as "Razer Fidelity", Razer ESP (Enhanced Sonic Perception) and Razer 3D (a 720 degree Positional Gaming Audio Engine). In short, the Razer Barracuda system is the result of millions of R&D dollars and thousands of engineering man hours and professional gaming testing hours.

To make sure that these high-performance features make it to your ears, the AC-1 features a Passive EMI Shield to prevent electromagnetic interference found inside of computer cases from affecting your audio performance, as well as a specially engineered High Definition-Dedicated Audio Interface (HD-DAI) which provides a performance boost over conventional headphone/speaker mini-jacks while boosting positional audio accuracy and reducing sonic interference.

The HP-1 Gaming Headphones provide true 8 channel positional audio and can be used with the AC-1's exclusive HD-DAI connector or with standard mini-plugs for use with your existing sound card.

Geck0 aka Robert Perkins

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