Saitek's E3 Lineup
Product: Saitek's E3 Lineup
Company: Saitek
Date: 05/15/2006
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Saitek announced the introduction of three new products this E3: the Pro Flight Rudder Pedals, the Eclipse II Keyboard and GM3200 Laser Mouse.

The Pro Flight Rudder Pedals are solidly constructed and feature three axis pedals which maximize flight simulator realism by enabling foot control of the rudder function. Paired with a Saitek X52 Flight Stick and Throttle, the Pro Flight Rudder Pedals provide the additional sensitivity and control accuracy for an almost real flight sim experience. The Pro Flight Rudder Pedals also include: self-centering pedals with adjustable damping, adjustable foot rests to fit all sizes, with non-slip materials, fully adjustable rudder control to suit the gamer’s preferences, tension adjustment to vary resistance to suit flying style, advanced SST Programming and toe brakes. The Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals have a suggested retail price of $129.95 and will be available for purchase through major retail outlets in August 2006.

The Eclipse II keyboard is a slim computer keyboard with backlighting which shines through laser-etched keys, like the Saitek Eclipse, but offers a choice of colours – purple, red and blue – selectable by the user and adjustable via a dimmer mechanism. The key characters and keypad illuminate making the Eclipse II keyboard ideal for use in any lighting environment. Solidly constructed from high quality materials including a stylish silver casing, the Eclipse II’s weighted base and large area rubber feet keep it firmly planted to the desk, while cushioned, silent keys mean hours of fatigue-free use. The Eclipse II keyboard now also features media keys for volume control, Play/Pause and Skip tracks which offer intuitive control of PC media players without the need to open new application windows on screen.

Those looking for ultra-high performance in a gaming mouse are likely to be interested in the GM 3200 laser gaming mouse. The GM 3200 features adjustable resolution of up to 3200 DPI - the highest resolution yet available in a mouse. The GM 3200 also features a 4.5 mega pixel per second report rate.

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