Three New Lines from CMY
Product: CMY's 2006 Lineup
Company: CMY
Date: 05/17/2006
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Spanish edutainment publisher, CMY Multimedia, showed off three new titles at this year's E3. All three of these games look like they will do a good job of helping little kids learn new things while keeping to the very distinct CMY art style.

Xiro and the Underwater City follows the title character and his friends as they search for the underwater city of Atlas. With the discovery of a splendid and powerful necklace, the team might finally find the secrets they have been looking for.

What a Bewilderment! is another game from CMY that has young Vladimir in the wrong place at the wrong time. This game starts off when an enormous dragon realizes that she has lost her baby. Now Vladimir will have to search for the little creature and confront incredible situations.

The third title is Gartu in Preschool designed for kids from 18 months to three years of age. This game will help to acclimate young children to the world of computers and go a long way in helping them learn new ideas and concepts. This game is full of color, music and fun.

All three of these titles join CMY's already sizable library involving titles like Aymum, Abby and other games starring Gartu.

J.R. Nip aka Chris Meyer

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