Four New Adventure Games From DTP
Product: DTP's Adventure Games
Company: dtp Entertainment
Date: 05/20/2006
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DTP had a few point-and-click adventures that they are preparing to publish here in the US, one of which we got an early look at last year, while the others are brand new.

Last year DTP showed an early build of the prequel to Tony Tough, a lanky detective. Now the game looks a lot more lively and it definitely looks like something adventure gamers will be able to get into. Tony Tough 2 follows our hero as a kid looking for some extra money. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this character, he has an interesting perspective on things. For example, when he starts reading up on detectives, he sees that they all have wigs -- so he deduces that once you have a wig, you can become a great detective.

Tony's adventure will take him all around the small town of Washington, New Mexico where he and the other 19 town folks go about their daily business in the somewhat rundown streets and buildings. Even though there are only 20 characters in this town, it looks like it will have a lot of diverse dialog. Not only will Tony talk to everyone from nurses to teachers and schoolmates, but he will also have a wide variety of puzzles, both simple logic puzzles and more complex object manipulation problems. Tony Tough 2 is scheduled to be released this Fall and it looks like it is well on its way.

Another game that DTP was showing off was Overclocked. This game starts off with the discover of five kids who show up at a hospital with amnesia. Your character is a shrink who must help these kids and find out what has happened to them. In each hypnosis session, the control will shift from the doctor to the kid that is being interviewed as you go into the memories of your patient. An interesting twist is that you will be starting off with the most recent memories and working backwards (like the movie Memento. This game is due to come out in April, so keep an eye out for it.

DTP's other two adventure games were Undercover and Belief & Betrayal. Undercover follows a MI6 agent in WWII trying to find out about a secret NAZI weapon. One of the big features of this game is that even though it is a point-and-click adventure, there is a lot of stealth involved. Characters will have to hide in dark shadows and time their movements and actions carefully in order to keep from being seen by enemy guards so they can work their way into the military bases and discover what the Nazi's are up to. Meanwhile Belief & Betrayal gives you control of a character that is trying to find out who shot his uncle.

The uncle was a journalist, and as you dig deeper into what he was doing, you find out that he was on the verge of discovering some dark secret that high officials from the church seem to want to keep secret. Betrayal's interesting feature is the use of not only an item inventory, but an idea inventory. Where other games might have a journal system that automatically notes observations, this one allows you to use those observations as if they were items. In other words, some puzzles might require that you combine two ideas to form a third one to come up with the solution. This 2.5D game is scheduled to be released this Fall.

J.R. Nip aka Chris Meyer

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