Playlogic Serves It Up With Pirates, Demons, and Spartans
Product: Playlogic Lineup
Company: Playlogic
Date: 05/16/2006
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Most people recognize Playlogic as having made some fairly popular pirate games in the past. They’ve got a few more in the works, but there some other offerings coming soon from them as well.

Age of Pirates – Captain’s Blood is a 3D action title in the same style of pirate universe fans are familiar with. Players run around various Caribbean locales such as bars and beaches, while fending off hordes of foes with both sword and pistol.

For those who prefer the more traditional style sailing and trading type of pirate game, Playlogic will be bringing out Age of Pirates – Caribbean Tales. Unlike Captain’s Blood the focus is on sailing between the islands, amassing fame and wealth. Player’s can pledge allegiance to countries such as England and Spain, or opt to go the route of the pirate. While the focus isn’t on action, there are action elements to the game as well as you engage in real time combat, both ship to ship, and when storming a deck.

Greek and Roman themes seem to be extremely popular and Playlogic is coming out with it’s own strategy game based in the era before guns or even steel. Ancient Wars – Sparta will pit players in a real-time strategy game. Though, it will have to be pretty special to shine through a market rife with similar games with more established names.

Rounding out the lineup are a pair of first person shooter games, PRISM – Threat Level Red and Infernal. While PRISM still seems to be in the early stages and didn’t make an appearance on the show floor, Infernal was playable. The gameplay seemed typical FPS fare. The graphics were better than average and the gameplay incorporates some interesting elements such as special view modes to see otherworldly activity. Unfortunately much of the gameplay needs some serious work. The game was far too difficult, especially for an E3 demo, and the slow speed at which your character moves is completely unacceptable. We shall see how this one progresses.

Alucard aka Stephen Triche

GameVortex PSIllustrated TeamPS2