Liquid Cooling to the Masses
Product: Cool It Systems Products
Company: Cool It Systems
Date: 05/17/2006
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There was a time that "Liquid Cooling" was not only synonymous with extreme cooling and extreme performance, but extreme modification; liquid cooling systems were sold as kits and required careful assembly and upkeep to avoid destroying your beloved gaming machine.

Cool It Systems' new products make liquid cooling solutions as easy to install as any other typical upgrade components. If you can install a hard drive or a CPU fan, you can now install a zero-maintenance, reliable liquid cooling system in your own PC.

Cool It Systems had three versions being highlighted at the show: the Eliminator CPU Cooler, the Freezone CPU Cooler and the ICE Hawk VGA Cooler. All of these are designed to be reliable, quiet, closed-loop factory sealed systems that are maintenance free for over 50,000 hours, environmentally friendly, universally compatible and simple to install, with their space-saving designs; they all fit inside your computer case without taking up any drive bays of PCI slots.

The Eliminator is their entry level CPU cooler, retailing for under $200 USD. According to the Eliminator's fact sheet, it reduces your PC's accoustic noise to almost that of a "library" or a "soft whisper" and has a thermal resistance of just 0.13C/W.

The Freezone is the bigger, better model, which includes a thermal control module. The Freezone is purportedly quieter than a library or soft whisper and has a thermal resistance of a mere 0.10C/W. This high-performance cooler retails for about $400 USD.

The ICE Hawk VGA Cooler is single and dual card compatible and is designed to enable extreme VGA Performance. According to the fact sheet, the ICE Hawk is also quieter than a library or soft whisper and has a thermal resistance of about 0.11C/W.

Pricing for the ICE Hawk was not available as of this writing.

Geck0 aka Robert Perkins

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