Stunt Double!
Product: The Movies: Stunts & Effects Expansion Pack
Company: Activision
Date: 05/18/2006
Avaliable On:

Tired of having your actors just run around and talk to each other? Do you want to add some action to your films? Looking to add a few more locations to your studio? Activision is about to release an expansion pack for the film-studio sim game, The Movies. Stunts & Effects Expansion Pack will not only allow actors and actresses to perform various stunts (like jumping off of tall buildings or dodging cars), but you can also hire stunt doubles to take over their roles in these dangerous shots.

Taking on a stunt double works just like hiring an actor. And once you have them in your employ, you can either selectively switch them out with actors in specific scenes, or assign them to a particular character actor and they will switch places automatically when it's time to film a stunt.

Of course, you can choose to let an actor perform his own stunts. If he succeeds then the film gets a higher rating, but if he hurts him/herself in the act -- then it could severely delay the filming and lower the movie's score. With the addition of dangerous stunts also comes the addition of hospitals. If a person is hurt while performing some feat, then you will have to send him to the emergency room where he or she will have to sit and heal for a while.

You can also help train stunt men/women by sending them through various exercises that range from weight-lifting to all out martial arts schooling. And since you can assign particular doubles to specific actors, your film also gets a rating based on how closely the two characters look. Match up an old lady to a buffed up man and you could get bad reviews.

This expansion pack isn't all about the stunts though; there are also a wide variety of new sets, miniatures and special effects at your disposal. In fact, one of the big additions is the ability to use blue and green screens in your movies. Some of the added special effects include fireball explosions, shattering glass, smoke and steam so you should be able to add a whole lot more Hollywood-realism to your films with these new tools.

Look for this action packed expansion pack in June.

J.R. Nip aka Chris Meyer

GameVortex PSIllustrated TeamPS2