Titans, and drones and mechs... oh my!
Product: Battlefield 2142
Company: EA Games
Date: 05/20/2006
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After tackling two major wars and the modern era of combat, fans of the Battlefield series might be wondering just where DICE was going to take the series. The answer to that question is simple – the future.

Titled Battlefield 2142, the game takes open warfare into the future, giving the series a sci-fi spin while maintaining the hard-nosed, real world combat found in past games. Once again the game will drop you into a large, open-ended battlefield where you’ll have access to an assortment of weapons and vehicles.

2142 isn’t a good year. The sudden onset of another ice age has caused much of the world to become covered in glaciers – displacing large portions of the world’s population and making the few tracks of livable real estate prime property. You take the side of either the American-European Alliance or Pan Asian Coalition as they vie for the few remaining pieces of habitable land.

One of the key elements DICE is aiming for is to give the game a sci-fi feel while not making the weapons too sci-fi, which could turn off the game’s current fanbase. While there will certainly be some high-tech gadgets that look right out of Star Wars (giant walkers, for example), many of the game's vehicles and tools are more or less advanced versions of what the military is currently using. For example, tanks still look like tanks, only they are able to hover rather than rolling on treads.

Player classes are also receiving upgrades. Squad Leaders will now be able to place homing beacons that members of their squad can respawn at. They’ll also gain use of the SD-18 drone, giving them a little added backup. Infantry units will also gain new camouflage that makes them invisible. The downside is that while cloaked, infantry can’t attack and they’ll give off a distorted impression similar to the Predator.

Another of Battlefield 2142’s aims is to get more players using the game’s squad-based functions rather than the “every man for himself” mentality most players take. When playing in a squad, players will earn field points quicker, allowing them to earn upgrades faster than they would playing on their own.

In addition to squad-earned upgrades, players will also be able to unlock new weapons and abilities based on personal achievements. As you play through the game, it will keep track of various statistics. As your statistics improve, you’ll unlock new items like medals, badges and weapon upgrades.

The biggest addition to Battlefield 2142 is the new Titan mode. Here, each team has a Titan, a giant floating base that they must protect. At the same time, teams will have to figure out a way to take down the opposing Titan. In order to do this, teams must first take down the Titan’s shields, and then find a way on it. Once on board, teams battle in close-quarters combat and attempt to destroy the ship’s nuclear reactor.

Even though Battlefield 2142 is treading completely new territory, DICE could have another hit on its hands. Battlefield 2142 is slated for release later this year.

Starscream aka Ricky Tucker

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