Hideo Kojima Speaks - IN ENGLISH!
Product: E3
Company: Konami
Date: 07/12/2007
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Although he had given a presentation for his upcoming title, Metal Gear Solid 4 at Sony's Press Conference this morning, he had, as always, used an interpreter. At Konami's press conference, however, he chose to speak in English. Perhaps it was because he wanted to make sure that we got his message.

Hideo Kojima talked about Metal Gear Solid 4, of course, but he had a special message that he wanted to convey - about E3, itself. It seems that many people had talked to Hideo and said, "You're not going to E3 this year, of course"... that it had been changed and was now a business conference. This is something that Hideo felt very strongly about. He had wanted to announce Metal Gear Solid 4 with more fanfare, in a more typical E3 fashion, but was insistent on being present to announce it at E3.

He says he understands that it is a business conference, but that it also serves as, " important portal that connects the game industry" with the public and media. Hideo followed with a very simple and clear message. "I hope that my E3 will return next year."

I never want E3 to be what it is this year, my friend, but I hope your E3 comes back again next year, as well.

Geck0 aka Robert Perkins

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