Crave Offers Some Flippin’ Sweet Stuff
Product: Crave's E3 Lineup
Company: Crave
Date: 07/16/2007
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Ok, ok, sorry for the Napoleon Dynamite pun, but I couldn’t resist. So I thought to myself, why a game based on Napoleon Dynamite? Yes, I loved the movie like everyone else, but what kind of game could they make from it? Well, a collection of flippin’ sweet mini-games based on the movie, of course! The mini-game I tried on the PSP had a super-deformed (sort of) Napoleon dancing as I tapped the D-pad and face buttons in time to the music. Watching this big-headed Napoleon kick those moon boots old school was truly disturbing, yet amusing. Characters showing up in the game include Napoleon, Kip, Uncle Rico, Pedro and Tina the Llama. 15+ mini-games will be available when the game releases on the PSP and DS this fall.

Next up was Brunswick Pro Bowling for PS2, PSP and Wii. I tried it on the Wii and while I am not the best bowler, I found the handling on the Wii controller to be incredibly smooth and fun. Sure, Wii Bowling showed us how much fun bowling can be on the Wii, but now you can customize your character’s look, accessories and ball. 10 authentic bowling centers modeled after actual Brunswick locations will be available, as well as numerous unlockables including new balls, locations, clothing and equipment. Work your way up through a year’s worth of bowling in Career mode where rivals will actually seek you out, or jump in for some quick action in Quick Play mode. Realistic physics allow you to put your own personal spin on the ball and you’ll be able to see how oily a lane is prior to dropping the ball, since this will affect how your ball will glide along the lane. This one just might drag in those non-gamers who are bowling aficionados.

For the kiddies, Crave brings Crayola Treasure Adventures to the DS where kids find themselves in a colorless world armed with a treasure map to help them restore color and beauty to the world around them. Puzzles and activities will pop up requiring kids to utilize the 120 Crayola colors that will unlock as the game progresses. They can store them in their digital Crayola box, pulling up to three Crayons at a time onto their palette. 110 pictures will be available in their digital coloring book and since this one is aimed at the younger set, the rules are rather forgiving. Even if you color outside of the lines, your picture will still be beautiful. This one seems perfect for the youngster who loves to color on the run, but for the mom who doesn’t want Crayons melting in her car.

For the slightly older kids comes Spelling Challenges and More! for the PSP and DS. Jumping on the brain game bandwagon, this one places you on a spelling gameshow where a barrage of words will come at you. It’s up to you to rapidly determine which are misspelled and which aren’t. Over 25,000 words are here for your spelling enjoyment in 11 different types of games with over 100 difficulty levels.

Coming this Fall to Cartoon Network is the new George of the Jungle series. That means the game will be swinging this Fall to the Wii, PS2 and DS as well. George of the Jungle looks to be a typical platformer with plenty of jumps, swings and grabs to please the fans. The whole group will be there - Ursula, Magnolia, Dr. Scott, the Witch Doctor, Shep and George’s best buddy Ape and the cel-shaded graphics look very close to those of the show.

Finally, they were showing off Dave Mirra BMX Challenge and Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection. Dave Mirra BMX Challenge brings Dave Mirra back to the small screen after a long hiatus following the demise of Acclaim. He’s back and this time, available on the Wii. 1-4 players can control Dave in 12 different environments using 13 different bikes. This is the first BMX title for the Wii and it should be interesting playing it with the Nunchuk and Wii-mote. I played a little and crashed a lot, but let’s just say I am not the BMX Queen. Look for this one late Summer to early Fall.

Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection brings back lots of childhood memories spent playing pinball machines. 8 tables are faithfully recreated under the watchful eye of Williams including Gorgar, Black Knight and Space Shuttle. 4 tables are available initially and as you progress and earn tokens, you can unlock the remaining 4. I played this game on the Wii and it was really fun. You’ll use the thumb stick to pull back and release the ball, then you’ll use the triggers to control your flippers. A simple wiggle of the Wii-mote shakes the table up to give you an advantage or, if you get over-anxious, tilts your table. This one looks perfect for the avid pinball fan who just might remember those pinball machines of the 1980’s arcades.

Psibabe aka Ashley Perkins

GameVortex PSIllustrated