Bourne Again
Product: The Bourne Consipiracy
Company: Sierra
Date: 07/18/2007
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Sierra Entertainment has taken their opportunity to make a game based off of Robert Ludlum’s action/espionage series following former operative Jason Bourne and go in a really strong direction with it.

The Bourne Conspiracy doesn’t strictly follow the events of the books or movies, but instead is meant to be another interpretation of them. The developers at High Moon Studios (creators of the vampire/western game Darkwatch) explained that they wanted Conspiracy to be another shelf in the Bourne Library. Just like the films are an adaptation of the book, the game is an adaptation to the other two shelves.

“We go beyond the books, beyond the movies and add to the overall Bourne story,” said Chris Ulm, Chief Development Officer of High Moon Studios. One of the ways the game adds to the story is through flashbacks to events before Bourne lost his memory. “Bourne is referred to as a 30 million dollar weapon that’s malfunctioning in the movie. We wanted to see what a 30 million dollar weapon that functioned could do,” continued Ulm.

The game opens, like the book and first movie, with Bourne floating in the sea. Unlike the other stories, though, we go from there to a flashback of Bourne’s last mission, where everything went wrong. Here we learn how to use Bourne’s weapons and attacks. Throughout the game, Bourne will remember other types of moves and abilities and these will be reinforced with other flashbacks. According to High Moon Studios, all of the flashbacks are original content not previously touched on in the books or movies.

While the studio couldn’t say whether Matt Damon would reprise his role for the game, they did say “Damon said he is done with the Jason Bourne character,” thus implying that he would not lend his vocal talents to The Bourne Conspiracy.

Players will be able to perform many Bourne-like moves like using objects all around the room as weapons. This, along with Bourne’s ability to really lock onto a target, is going to help give the players the feeling of just what Jason Bourne is capable of. You will be able to use everything from mirrors, laptops, and even the kitchen sink as you plow through enemies.

Though The Bourne Conspiracy is a re-imagined version, not directly pulled from the five books and three movies, it shares many of the same scenes and is filled with the same intense action of the films.

Look for The Bourne Conspiracy in the Second Quarter of 2008 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

J.R. Nip aka Chris Meyer

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