Insult Politics? Never!
Product: Hail to the Chimp
Company: Gamecock Media
Date: 07/19/2007
Avaliable On:

So Gamecock is pretty well known as an irreverent game publisher who simply doesnít care what the establishment says or does (for reference, please see E3 2007 Funeral). Who else would bring to the public a game called Hail to the Chimp? Coming in Spring 2008, Hail to the Chimp is an unapologetic action/party game for the 360 and PS3 that pits different animals against one another as the vie for the title of King of the Animals. Despite the possible reference that could be inferred from the title, Hail to the Chimp pokes fun more at politics in general, rather than a specific political entity. In one of numerous mini-games, up to four players will engage in such activities as building up their war chest with clams, stuffing the ballot box, gathering funds from fat cats, etc. They can even fall victim to the Cloud of Suspicion that floats dangerously about in some levels.

While you are going about your business, gathering clams (actual little cartoon clams) to progress, you can also attack your opponents, knocking their clams from them so you can grab them. Or, better yet, team up with another opponent and get medieval on the remaining players with special moves that decimate them. You can even keep track of your political progress on GRR, the in-game news network.

Despite the fact that the politicians make it seem effortless, collecting clams and winning popularity ainít all that easy. Find out for yourself when this one hits stores next Spring.

Psibabe aka Ashley Perkins

GameVortex PSIllustrated