A Sector Darkly...
Product: Dark Sector
Company: D3
Date: 07/21/2007
Avaliable On:

Dark Sector places players into the role of one Hayden Tenno, an elite agent sent deep into Eastern Europe on an assassination mission. However, things go terribly awry and he awakens to find himself altered… different and with superhuman abilities. In order to survive, he must learn to adapt and evolve if he is to find out exactly what happened and live to tell about it.

Hayden has a specialized weapon called The Glaive, a bladed disc that grows out of his infected hand. What makes The Glaive so special is that it functions much like a boomerang. He can throw it out at an enemy with deadly results, then it comes right back to him. Further, he can target specific areas and actually chain his hits. As he progresses through his environment, Hayden will come upon areas that may be blocked by environmental hazards. He can then use his Glaize and pick up this element, then use that later on in the area. He might want The Glaize fire-lit to see in a dark area, he may want to catch an enemy on fire or perhaps even burn down an area covered with impenetrable pesky vines. Perhaps there’s an area with a live wire that can be used with The Glaive to grab the electricity and utilize it in an area where an enemy might be covered with water.

Developers Digital Extremes were going for a cinematic feel with the game, wanting to completely immerse the player into Hayden’s situation. They decided against using a traditional HUD, instead going with visual cues on Hayden’s person and surroundings. If Hayden starts to take damage, it will physically show on him. Also, he visibly carries his weapons, so you’ll see exactly what he has on him. In addition to evolving his infection-caused superpowers, he’ll also have access to various traditional weapons that he can also upgrade. Damn good thing too because the enemies come packed with a ruthless A.I. that will be evolving as you play as well, seeking cover and realistically responding to your combat actions.

Dark Sector has been built from the ground up for the 360 and PS3 and from what I saw at E3, this 3rd person action shooter is lookin’ mighty sweet. Infection begins in Q1 2008.

Psibabe aka Ashley Perkins

GameVortex PSIllustrated