Get in Touch with your Inner Princess
Product: Disney Princess
Company: Disney Interactive
Date: 07/21/2007
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This Fall, young girls everywhere will finally get the opportunity to be a princess. In Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey for the Wii, PS2 and PC, players can create their own princess, selecting their name, hair, skin and eye color, dresses and accessories and set out to help Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White and Jasmine restore order to their respective kingdoms. Each princess has specific magic themed to their world, such as Arielís world being filled with music. In the demo I saw, all of the inhabitants of the kingdom had music notes above their heads, but something was clearly askew. It is the job of your princess to wave her wand and magically restore order.

The Wii looks to be the most exciting platform of the three because what could be better than actually waving your Wii-mote to mimic the wand? Different movements will be needed to accomplish different tasks and Disney plans to mix things up so that the game will appeal to very young girls, yet still present a challenge for older girls. Rewards will be available for accomplishing goals to keep motivation high, and the 4 kingdoms youíll explore will be beautiful and familiar to girls of all ages. Co-op play will be available on the PS2 and Wii, so mom or a friend can join in. Plus, Belle and Lumiere will be unlockable later on in the game.

For DS owners, Disney Princess: Magical Jewels lets girls play as their favorite Disney princesses on the go. Players take on the roles of Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine and Ariel as they travel throughout their kingdoms, solving puzzles and collecting items and magical jewels to restore order to the kingdoms. Touch screen function includes drawing in missing parts of each kingdom such as bridges and steps, etc. as well as interacting with the environment. By collecting various items in your quest, players will unlock each Princessís golden dress.

Brush off your wand and tiara this Fall as the Disney Princess titles will be available then.

Psibabe aka Ashley Perkins

GameVortex PSIllustrated