The Devil Bringer Cometh
Product: Devil May Cry 4
Company: Capcom
Date: 07/21/2007
Avaliable On:

The 4th installment of Devil May Cry is set to explode upon the videogame scene in quite a flourish, bringing with it old and new faces, incredible fluidity of gameplay, gorgeous new environments and a deadly new game mechanic. Devil May Cry 4 finds us playing as newcomer Nero, who'll use everything in his arsenal to battle all-too-familiar Dante in a supernatural gothic world. The new mechanic mentioned earlier is called "Devil Bringer" and with it, he uses his arm in a powerful slamming attack that simply decimates foes. Of course, the gun and swordplay return once again for countless combo possibilities.

In the demo I played, Nero finds himself on an upper floor of a beautifully detailed building, with hundreds of enemies teeming about the ground floors. He must make his way down to the bottom, swinging across broken stairways and battling the enemies that appear. When you encounter an enemy, there are many combos that you can use to dispense with them, but the Devil Bringer always seemed to be the golden ticket for me.

Gameplay is fast, smooth and absolutely breathtaking in this new installment. Devil May Cry 4 looks like it will be exactly what fans have been pining for since DMC3.

Psibabe aka Ashley Perkins

GameVortex PSIllustrated