Disney Rocks It!
Product: Hannah Montana and High School Musical
Company: Disney Interactive
Date: 07/22/2007
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Ever thought about what it would be like to be world famous, timezone-traveling Hannah Montana, musical superstar? What about belting out your favorite tunes from High School Musical? Well, now's your chance to do both!

This Fall, Disney Interactive will be releasing Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Tour for the Nintendo Wii. Here, you'll take on the role of Hannah as she travels the globe on tour, singing her hit tunes. You'll travel to London, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo and more, with each stage themed to fit the city you'll be performing in. Not only that, on Hannah's downtime between shows, she can walk the streets of the city, modeled after the actual cities so you'll spot famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House in the background. Hannah can actually walk into the various shops on the streets and browse and buy items such as jewelry and clothing. Then it's back to work to design the set for your concert, complete with lighting and pyrotechnic effects, with the help of Lily, Robbie, Oliver and Jackson.

Once Hannah hits the stage, you'll have to use your Wii-mote to mimic her signature dance moves, interacting with dancers and fans to gain their support. Do well and she progresses on to the next city in her tour. There wil be tons of clothing and accessories for you to dress Hannah, so girls will love playing dress up with all of Hannah's rockin' clothes. The fun begins on October 30th.

If you prefer to sing, then High School Musical: Sing It! might be more your speed. Here, you'll get to play as your favorite characters from the hit movie High School Musical, singing all of your favorite songs, karaoke style. The interface for this game reminded me an awful lot of the interface in the Karaoke Revolution series and this is a very good thing. Basically, the player will need to match the pitch and timing of the song. Songs from High School Musical and High School Musical 2 will be available to sing and if you are feeling too shy to actually belt out a song, you can shake the Wii-mote and Nunchuk to chime in with percussion assistance if you are playing the Wii version. The cast members' dance moves were motion-captured so that the look is completely authentic. You can view your favorite scenes from the movie, as well as have access to new characters, outfits and environments as you unlock them. Look for High School Musical: Sing It! this Fall on the Wii and PS2.

Psibabe aka Ashley Perkins

GameVortex PSIllustrated