Digital Monsters Return
Product: Digimon
Company: BANDAI NAMCO Games America, Inc.
Date: 07/16/2007
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Namco/Bandai had two Digimon titles to show off at this year's E3. One game, Digimon World Data Squad is for the PS2 and based on the new series that will come to JetX soon.

Digimon World Data Squad follows a new Data Squad member, Marcus Damon. When the Seven Demon Kings cross the digital barrier into Earth, Marcus must collect and fight over 140 Digimon and help them evolve with the new Galactic Evolution System. Data Squad offers a new emotion engine that attempts to convey to the player what types of moves they would like to execute in the heat of battle. Following these hints yields better attacks and will help you defeat the Demon Kings and retrieve the lost kids that Marcus is charged with finding. Digimon World Data Squad is scheduled to be released this Fall along with the new TV series.

Digimon World: Dawn and Digimon World: Dusk form the other half of Namco/Bandai's Digimon pair. The two games are done similarly to the Pokemon style where it is two halves of the same game.

An earthquake has unleashed an unnatural energy into the Digital-World and is causing cities to be destroyed and digimon to devolve back to digi-eggs. You choose to be a member of either the Light Fang team or the Night Crow team (based on which game you pick up) and explore two sides to the same mystery. The games feature over 400 digimon across eight different species. Like Data Squad, Dawn and Dusk are both due out this Fall.

J.R. Nip aka Chris Meyer

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